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About Us

Answering Anti-Mormons is devoted to providing clear answers to common anti-Mormon charges. Most questions are already beautifully answered on other LDS supportive web sites. Rather than “re-invent the wheel”, we will provide links to those sites, and attempt to keep them as current as possible.

We do not feel we can argue with people to convince them about the truthfulness of LDS doctrine. We simply provide answers and hope people will be judicious and open minded about those answers. Normally people have pre-existing criteria they apply separately to LDS perspectives as compared to their own. They give their believe system the benefit of the doubt; they hold the LDS to an unreasonable standard of performance.

We are active, practicing Latter-day Saints. The opinions expressed on these pages are our own. We believe we fall within the spectrum of beliefs conforming to the official doctrines of the LDS Church, but we are neither endorsed nor reviewed by the LDS Church as to doctrinal correctness. Then again, no anti-Mormon site speaks “officially” for traditional Christianity either. So I think that makes us all just windbags. So much rhetoric, so little listening.

The editor is a convert to the LDS faith. Critics often assert Mormons are uninformed, mindless followers of the Church leaders. Having served in many leadership callings, the Editor knows this is completely alien to reality. Most believing Latter-day Saints have a studied, spiritual faith. We invited the honest and pure hearted followers of Christ to sincerely apply the promises of the Lord to grow their faith in Christ and move toward conversion to the restored Gospel.. The contentious who read this should go get a life. But it is your choice. Don't waste your life on pointless strife with me. You can't win the debate because the discussion is never that type of issue. Besides, I am a better debater than you anyway J . Put your pride away, that is a joke. You will find humor throughout this site. Don't let it throw you. Civil discourse should have some humor. Try to be civil. Try to be open minded. Don't hurt yourself if these are new concepts. Your hypocrisy will be exposed if you don't get it.

Our best original works center on contrasting LDS doctrine with reformed theology (Calvinists), commentary on Romans and Isaiah, the Bible's over-stated historical accuracy, the Trinity vs. Biblical Theology, the role and New Testament history of prophets and the ultimate destiny of man to be like God. Many other sites have excellent articles on these issues. Do your research. Come join with the church.

All material developed and placed on this page and associated subsections is copyrighted by Robert B. Vukich. Reasonable efforts will be made to properly attribute copyright ownership for material reviewed or quoted on these pages.